Human team


Although the company is newly established, The project stems from good intentions and great preparation team of Captain Beers, formed by professionals and collaborators of unquestionable experience in the sector.

Beers born Captain

brewer spirit

Captain beer is much more than a craft beer factory in Cordoba, in the heart of Andalusia. Our brewer spirit leads us to promote a change in the current beer consumption in our region and, as far as possible, in all the country.

100% Genuine


Hence our Captain Craft beer has a taste 100% genuine and characteristic. Genuine, as we give life to beer in a natural process, beautiful and very carefully.


young company

As a young company, innovative and dynamic, We bet for a quality product, different and unique.


Heart of Andalusia

Located in the heart of Andalusia, one step away from Córdoba and just over an hour from the cities of Malaga, Seville or Granada. A prime location in a resort easily accessible.


Our factory

Our factory is located microbrew in the Industrial Llanos de Jarata, in the Cordovan town of Montilla.

Hall Cata

To visit

We make beer, yes, but also we try our tasting room, converted into brewery and cultural space for special events. You can also buy craft beer directly at our factory. And you can visit the facilities to learn the whole process of brewing.


multidisciplinary space

The willingness and breadth of our facilities have enabled us to create a multidisciplinary space where craft beer is the only star.

Beer culture

Is our next challenge?

Gain a better understanding of the manufacturing process of craft beer and beer culture to settle in our country. Of course, achieve with ingredients 100% natural and unique process to get a quality craft beer.

Blonde Ale, I.P.A. y Stout

we create

Blonde Ale Beer create, I.P.A. y Stout, but we have launched our new "captains", Pedro Ximenez and Oloroso, and some other projects in embryonic stage. All our beers persecute be original and daring without sacrificing taste ever.



Continue without losing one of the elements that most concerns: Consumer Captain Beers . Do you want to prove it?

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